Products & Services


QSF is continually reviewing its brokerage partners to ensure our clients get the best execution across the widest array of markets and OTC opportunities. We can currently facilitate trading in equities, fixed income, futures (indices, stocks and commodities), forex (leveraged and unleveraged) and structured products. We are able to consider special situations, illiquid stocks and other trading strategies that may not be possible in typical retail brokerages.


QSF regularly review their Custodians to ensure our clients’ assets are held in secure, cost effective banks and brokerages.

On Platform Trading

QSF has partnered with leading global market access providers and is able to offer on platform trading experience from desktop terminals or smartphone apps, where our clients are able to trade stocks, futures, options and forex themselves at a click of a button on most global exchanges, bringing them as close to the market as possible


QSF offers our clients access to wealth management solutions either through our partners or our in-house relationship with Coldwater Economics which has led to the launch of a managed portfolio solution we are especially proud of. We except this to be the first of a number of exciting wealth management solutions we can offer in 2021.