Our Services

Our clear focus is providing bespoke services in wealth management and corporate finance to eligible counterparties and professional clients.


QSF offers its clients possibility to trade in a wide range of securities.
By constantly updating our network of counterparties and custodians we are able to conduct transactions with most of the securities traded on world’s major stock exchanges and OTC markets.
Our traders and settlements staff are established London-based professionals with typically over 10 years of experience.


We provide secure and reliable global custodial facilities for both UK and international securities, with a robust infrastructure for our Clients’ peace of mind.
Our transparent and straightforward security warehousing and personalised service keeps clients informed of their portfolios on a regular basis. We also keep all custody-related records, watch for potential compliance issues and assume responsibility for the safekeeping of our clients’ assets under the FCA CASS regulatory framework.


Queen Street Finance provides professional asset management services to Professional Clients.
Our personalised approach based on numerous factors includes clients’ favoured assets, risk tolerance, yield expectations and market liquidity ensures a tailor made portfolio which will meet clients’ objectives.


As an investment advisor  we conduct securities analysis, make investment recommendations and advise investors about opportunities available in main asset classes such as bonds, loans, stocks, ETFs, funds, commodities and structured financial products.
Our investment advisors are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.

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